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For companies and experts who want to scale their business by leveraging their their own expertise to generate leads

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How to build your own B2B content machine

Learn everything about content production, how to make the right content choices, how to produce and schedule your distribution flow and a lot more…

Never run out of content

Digital B2B content strategy

Value will always win and therefore inspirational and educational content are cornerstones in all of our strategies to increase your presence, brand or revenue.

Lead Generation Design

If you’re looking for a sales presentation, a sales pitch, a landing page for a marketing campaign, a mini-guide, canvas or a whitepaper, Chaomatic can design all these formats for you.

B2B content production

Nobody has time so batch producing is the key to productivity and winning the B2B content volume warfare. We will always put scale and production in everything we produce. Quality is critical for your brand but most ignore speed and quantity.

Content distribution

Having a deep knowledge of B2B channels where your prospects and audience spend their time is key in generating this trust. But reach is less relevant than business outcome. While most of the industry is built on this reach we believe in understanding trust, relevance and results.

The Chaomatic model

Build your own content machine through your expertise and knowledge in order to grow your revenue. Scale this by leveraging your in-house experts and record in 1 day a ton of cinematic quality B2B video content.

This way you can generate up to 5 months of B2B content and create a highly efficient marketing machine. With the goal to attract the right target prospects.

B2B content machine,sales design,content strategy,video production,content distribution
B2B content machine,sales design,content strategy,video production,content distribution

Learn how to drive more revenue

We are your B2B content team

No time? Why don’t we run in parallel and build your B2B content in all the formats you need to reach your audience at scale? We don’t believe in that one ultimate campaign or that one piece of content. We believe in testing many ideas in the market, learn what works and then scale that.

B2B content machine,sales design,content strategy,video production,content distribution

Everything you want is on the other side of production

Batch recording allows you to be ready for the volume warfare. After designing your content machine we create multiple formats (incl. video, pictures, audio and articles) to increase reach and scale distribution. We build this in layers, from leadership to operational, so we can reach a larger audience. This way we can also test what the most effective messaging is.

Every thing you want

How will you create the difference?

The expertise is within you and your team. Time to be different and put a face on it. How will you create the difference in a world where everybody is screaming for attention? Chaomatic is the leading B2B content agency that will help you grow your revenue by using your own expertise and knowledge. We packed our YouTube channel full of use cases & inspiration. Don’t miss out on the latest trends and subscribe today!

B2B content machine,sales design,content strategy,video production,content distribution

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