Chaomatic builds your Contextual B2B content at scale.

‘How would this batch recording work? How could you do this for us?’ How do you build Contextual B2B Content at scale?’. These types of questions we receive daily. We all know we need to produce B2B content to let our business grow but nobody has time to create it nor knows where to find the content.

When our founder, Michael Humblet, wrote his book ‘Nobody Knows You’ he solved how to produce B2B content at scale. The magic word he uses is ‘Batch Recording’. Instead of trying to produce your content every week, he explained that you can produce up to 5 months of content in 1 single day. This highly efficient approach to production changed the revenue of many businesses in the meantime. Not only did it have a positive impact on their numbers it also meant that founders and employees had more time to do the work they love. As the requests to help increased, the workload for Michael started shifting and he had to make a choice. Keep working in parallel on several businesses or focus on one?

We’re now 8 months busy building the best B2B contextual content agency in the Benelux. This means a new branding, a new website that explains how it works, a new Youtube channel packed with examples of experts and companies.

Chaomatic builds Contextual B2B content at scale. From concept, strategy, filming, designing and recording over to all derivate sales materials (think booklets, one-pagers,…). As we started from a sales angle, we’ll always look different at digital marketing because we know your goal is to grow your business and not just make pretty things. Of course, we’ll do this with our high-end cinematic approach (here is some inspiration).

The Chaomatic team is ready to build your contextually B2B content, are YOU?

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