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You recorded tons of content and now it’s time to share them. First, you need a good distribution strategy. But the next step is being found. Of course, there are lots of tools you can use to do keyword research for your business, but you can start very easily with some research on Google.
 In this blogpost, you’ll find some tips and tricks to find the right keywords and use them as hashtags on social media.

Google Adwords

Being found on Google is so important to get leads nowadays. Of course, you can climb up the ladder of Google with SEA (Search Engine Advertising) by running paid ads. But in order to do this in an organic way, you have to improve your SEO. One of the things to do to start with SEO, is to find the right keywords. To do this, Google is again your best friend.

You can have your website analyzed for free by Google Adwords. It’s the tool to run ads in your Google business account. Google will tell you which keywords are relevant in search queries and how well you score on them. What’s even more interesting: You can paste in it the website of your direct competitor. This way, you find out which relevant keywords he scores best on. Obviously you take those over too.

Your prospects also ask for...

When you type a topic into google, google will show you additional keywords for your search and a “people also ask for” section. Those are multiple keywords your prospects are looking for, what makes it very interesting to use all the keywords that come up in blogs, hashtags and SEO. A few very popular ones are “examples”, “strategy”, “trends”, “do it yourself” etc.

By using multiple keywords, also called “long-tail keywords”, you are more specific and can target a niche audience. this gives you less reach, but more conversion. Because the users who type these specific keywords are looking for just that specific.

Let’s say I’m searching for “B2B video”. Google is giving me perfect blog content ideas, keywords to use and other topics.

B2B video google
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The related searches

If you scroll to the very bottom of the first page, you will see related searches, again interesting keywords. Create an Excel document of all the keywords that you have found during your research, so that you can easily find them again later on.

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Chaomatic designs B2B sales design

Your keywords as hashtags on social media

Now you know how to make an overview of the most relevant keywords for your business, you can start to use them as hashtags on socials. As these platforms are more and more becoming the new search engines of your prospects. How you use them in your digital strategy, depends on the platform.


Let’s start with LinkedIn. Don’t overdo it here. Choose 3 relevant hashtags. That’s more than enough for one post. Choose a mix of hashtags that fit your company, and on the other hand that relate to the topic of your post.

#Instagram and #Facebook

On other platforms like instagram and facebook you can use a bit more hashtags. Choose about a dozen hashtags that are relevant to your business, and maybe complement those with a few specific hashtags about the post itself. On instagram it’s best to put the hashtags in the comments, so they are better found

In the alternative text section, you can add your keywords one after the other. The alternative text is the text behind the photo. It’s actually made so that the visually impaired can get a description of the photo. But if you put the right keywords in there, you will be found a bit better on the platform. And every little bit helps to be found.


On tiktok, the hashtags are different. Tiktok has become a real search engine, and users search using hashtags. Make sure that your hashtags include simple but relevant keywords for your business. This will help the Tiktok Algorithm to find you.

Note: you don’t have much space in the number of characters in your description, so the message is: less text and more hashtags.


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Youtube is a different type of social media. By this we mean they actually don’t use hashtags, but tags. Go to the settings of your Youtube channel and make sure you load it with tons of tags. Don’t forget to include your own name, your company name, and you didn’t hear it form us: include some of your direct competitors.

Tags will help the youtube algorithm to find your channel and content. You can adjust the tags of each video to so they match with the video’s content.

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