Use Case: Building the content machine of Sirius Legal


Sirius Legal has been growing fast over the last years. But that is not where their ambition stops. They wanted to introduce several new innovative concepts within the legal space. The only way to scale their business even further is to become the go to person in their market by increasing trust and thought leadership. To do so their marketing strategy needs be geared around production of this type of trust worthy content. In this article we dig deeper in how to setup a content machine, produce your thought leadership at scale and generate new leads with your own expertise.

Strategy and goals of building a content machine

The perception most companies have is that building content takes you a lot of time. Sirius Legal had the same perception and was spending all theirs in helping their customers. They turned to Chaomatic for help. The only option is to be highly efficient and start thinking in scale: setting up a content machine by batch producing scaleable content. Chaomatic proposed a layered video content approach were in one day of video recording we create for over 6 months of expertise content targeted to different types of prospects. 

As nobody can predict upfront what will convert the most you’ll need to create several types of content to see what hits the homerun. We proposed to build their content machine based on video as this contains 4 media types: Moving images, Images, sound (think podcast) and you can extract the text for an article


This recording day we divide in 4 to 5 blocks of 1h30 where each expert explains and shares inspirational and educational content. We recorded +20 expert videos of 2-3 minutes in which Sirius Legal share their expertise and knowledge. While we’re filming we take tons of high end pictures which can later be used for the website or on socials to create posts, adds, etc. 

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The Building blocks of Sirius Legal's content machine

1. Expert videos

To build up the content, we use a layered strategy. This means we’re building up the content for each layer for our target persona’s. From management to operational content. This way we reach a bigger audience and we can test what type of content works best with every target prospect. On top we vary the backgrounds and decors so each expert gets their own personal branding. Below you can find a view of the thumbnails used with their layered video’s.

schermafbeelding 2022 08 04 om 11.40.50
Watch the example of one of Sirius Legal's expert videos:

2. High End pictures

During the recording of the expert videos, we create high end screengrabs of the persons and the whole team. These pictures are used on the website, in thumbnails, as LinkedIn profile pictures, as the base for running ads…

schermafbeelding 2022 08 04 om 11.47.50

3. Banner designs in different formats

Using the high end pictures, the different formats of social banners are designed. Think of YouTube, LinkedIn personal banners, Facebook,…

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4. Distribution: Sirius legal website, LinkedIn and Instagram

ontwerp zonder titel (2)

It’s time to share all this expertise with their target group. To do this, we discussed the perfect distribution strategy for Sirius Legal, based on their main social channels. In their case their most leveraged social channel is LinkedIn, their own website, Youtube and Instagram. 


We start by uploading the video on Youtube. This is the main database to put all the video’s as you can leverage the massive power of google and have an extra SEO benefit. Youtube remains an underestimated channel for lead generation in B2B.

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Sirius Legal's website - microblogs

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Next up is to add the video’s as micro blogs on their website. Adding a bit of text and the right tags for SEO is very powerful. On top your prospects like to watch this video’s as it increases trust. Outside of the blog another option is to build a video based academy.


Once you have the video on Youtube and on your blog, we leverage the created text and content to distribute the video on currently the most powerful B2B thought leadership platform: LinkedIn. Most impact is made when you have a mix between a personal branding approach and through the corporate page. Personal posts will always generate more leads than the corporate page. In the next visual you can see how we build up the content (so they can copy paste) and how that looks on personal and a company page on LinkedIn.

schermafbeelding 2022 09 21 om 12.10.09


schermafbeelding 2022 08 04 om 11.48.52

5. Impact

The impact has been massive. Because of the continuous flow of educational and inspirational content they generate a ton of leads for their latest service offering: an online shop with off the shelf legal content. Next to doing this they are regarded as one of the top players in the legal industry. 

Who is Sirius Legal?

Sirius Legal is a law firm with a very diverse clientele. They play a very active role in sector organizations and engage actively in lobbying activities on behalf of our partners.

 They keep a close eye on technological trends and developments and assess the legal impact of any new technology for your company long before others do. They prepare your company for the future with tailor-made non-nonsense advice, just as it should be.

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