Digital Content Manager

As a Digital Content Manager, you'll be responsible for creating, improving and maintaining a range of content to help an organisation achieve its goals. It will be your duty to create high quality, sharable content to raise brand awareness, monitor web traffic and other metrics to identify best practices.

About you

Let’s start with you as this job is all about you. We’re sure you have the potential but without a proper challenge this potential is worth… well, nothing.

We’re looking for someone who is energetic and not afraid of trying new things. We love you to be your creative self and experiment with different kinds of media. We know you’ll hit a wall at a certain moment but we’re there to help you with climbing it. Just have a chat with us and see if there’s a match.

What are we looking for?

As a digital content manager, you’ll be responsible for creating, improving, and maintaining a range of content to help our B2B customers achieve their goals. It will be your responsibility (together with our team) to create high-quality, sharable content to raise brand awareness, get leads and monitor our customers’ web traffic. Knowledge of ActiveCampaign would be an awesome extra for this. Important for us is that you cannot only explain how it should be done but that you can also implement it. We believe in walking our talk, in doing first and proving that our ideas work. And that is what we’ll test if you want to come on this journey with us.

We’re looking for junior to mid-level of experience. You need good writing skills (English, Dutch, French is a nice extra). You need to understand social media and have experimented with it. Yes, we have seen the same YouTube movies, but we need an extra edge. We care about several digital channels, clearly, LinkedIn remains in B2B a key one but also YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are important. Also, platforms like TikTok and Pinterest will come across.

We offer:

  • A very wild ride with many intriguing challenges
  • A fast-growing environment 
  • A place to learn from the best in their field. Our founder will teach you all about sales and marketing.
  • A small team, so your opinion matters big time.
  • You’ll meet top B2B CEO’s, executives, influencers, upcoming B2B stars and real people with real challenges
  • You will make a difference, so we’ll teach you how to handle different kinds of environments.
  • Our cosy office is based in Leuven, but we’ll expect you to work in a hybrid way: office and home.

Who is Chaomatic?​


Chaomatic designs, builds, and produces B2B thought leadership by turning your expertise into market leadership. We create a B2B contextual content strategy that fits perfectly with your overall digital strategy to increase your traffic and leads. Chaomatic has a unique approach by leveraging your in-house experts and produces in 1 day of your time almost 5 months of B2B video content. This batch production process will solve one of your biggest problems: TIME. So you can focus on what really matters: scaling your business.

Interested / Next steps?

We would love to talk to you, but first send us your CV (and your LinkedIn Profile), some work you have done in the past. We would love to read you first and see some work you did. Looking forward to getting to know each other!

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