Build your sales generating content machine

We help companies create scalable content machines based on in-house expertise. We create, repurpose and distribute content across multiple marketing channels

We build content machines by organizing professional video recording days. This way we can ‘batch’ the content and shoot up to 25 cinematic videos in 1 day in different formats. This way you generate up to 6 months of content with 1 day of video recording. A true lead generating content machine.

We built the content machine of many industry leaders

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Video in all the formats you need

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Expert videos
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Interview, webinar, workshop style

How it works


The Chaomatic team will plan the recording day meticulously with your aim in mind (lead generation, credibility building, authority building,…). We’ll help you with the planning of the content, the scripts and coach your in house experts how to act in front of a camera. We analyse and plan how your message will be best captured on video for maximum impact.


On the recording day we have the day planned for you in our Chaomatic studio or on a location of your preference. We will take care of the different sets of your experts. We have adviced you on the clothing to wear and coach you how to act on camera. Typically, these batch recording days take around 7 to 8 hours, produce 25 video’s and have an average of 4 different sets while we record we also make tons of high quality pictures.


All the material we have recorded during the Batch video day needs to be coloured, edited, animated, etc. Our experienced teams will start building all the video content in all the different formats so that you will look the authority in your field.


We’ll deliver all the content we produce in a google drive. Typical formats that we’ll deliver are: - expert videos - thumbnails for all the videos - intro/ outro logo animation - high end pictures of the team

Choose your package

The reel content machine

This is the perfect content machine to boost your socials. We record up to 20 short-format mobile videos and optimize your social media channels so you’re ready for 2023!

The basic content machine

We start by coaching you on scripts and camera work, to be sure you get the most of your expertise on screen.

We record up to 20 expert videos in one day and you get thumbnails, pictures and new banners out of it.

The Premium content machine

This is the total package. We start with strategy & coaching session on your content strategy, script & camera work coaching, we optimize your distribution channels and you get a full YouTube training.

We record up to 20 expert videos assets with full color correction and sound mastering included. Out of these videos, you get many pictures, short intro videos and thumbnails.

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