Chaomatic's B2B video inspiration


On this page, you’ll find tons of inspiration to build your B2B content machine. From different set themes, thumbnail designs and coloured backgrounds to video types, how to structure your content and build your scripts to get the most out of your recording day at the Chaomatic Studio.

1. Layered video content

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To create the perfect B2B content machine, you need to layer your content. This means you’ll choose 1 person from each layer of your organization, that will share their expertise around the problems their audience is facing. 

An example: and executive will talk about strategy and trends for the upcoming 5 years. An operational manager will talk about how to solve a specific problem today. 

By building up your content around these different problems in layers, you’ll be able to create maximum impact and cover the whole market.

Executive expert video

Management expert video

Operational expert video

Employer branding video

Interview video


Example of the layered content machine of Sirius Legal, built in 1 day

screenshot 2023 04 11 at 20.53.18

2. Sets & Decors

screenshot 2023 04 11 at 13.46.20

Relaxed setting

screenshot 2023 04 11 at 13.46.49

Colored background

screenshot 2023 04 11 at 13.46.05

Office setting

screenshot 2023 04 11 at 13.58.39

In-company or other special set requests

screenshot 2023 04 11 at 14.30.58

Interview setting

3. Thumbnail design

A thumbnail is the cover image of your video. On platforms such as your website or YouTube, it’s the image that will make your audience decide wether they’ll watch your video or not. On platforms where your video will be seen in-feed, the viewer will not see the cover image when scrolling, but it will be visible when he goes to your profile/ company page.


For thumbnail design, we work according your brandguide.  We’ll use your brand colors and fonts, but always add some depth or special effect to the image and title. The thumbnail title is being optimised for the best click-rate. 

screenshot 2023 04 11 at 21.03.16

4. Build the perfect script

screenshot 2023 04 11 at 21.16.35

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