Unlock your Sales in 5 Steps

After helping more than 250 companies scale their sales machine we developed a methodology of 5 pragmatic steps to unlock your sales growth. Starting with the sales strategy & model to pricing and up to building the perfect sales team for high performance. All of this is based on action and getting things done in an agile way as markets and your customers change all the time.

1. Sales Path

2. Perfect Pitch

3. Unlock Your Sales

4. Perfect Price

5. Sales Talent

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The truth behind sales

We were looking for a sales training and then Chaomatic gave their Sales Sprint bootcamp which hit oursales team like a tornado This had a big impact on how we organized the team and how we do sales as of now.

Qualifio – Quentin Paquot, VP of Sales

HOW TO FIx the biggest challenge to scale your business

Chaomatic helped us create a new Sales Narrative that had immediate impact on our acquisition and conversion. Impressive how impactful the first 3 minutes are to create a sense of urgency.

Sweepbright – Raphael Bochner, ceo
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How to give effective sales presentations
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how to give effective sales presentations

To keep our sales team sharp and productive we ask Chaomatic to give us regular deep dive updates and hands on coaching.

Intuo, Gilles Mattelin, VP of Sales

what is a sales sprint?

Chaomatic helped us to build a new Saas model and strategy.

Around Media, Pieter van Hoorne, CRO
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the art of forecasting in sales

Finding the right key people and managing them with the right KPI’s & commissions is

Knowingo, Loren Roosendaal, CEO

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