Converting Sales Collateral

For companies and experts who want to SELL more by leveraging great sales collateral to convert customers into clients.

We design sales storylines

If you’re looking for a sales presentation, a sales pitch, a landing page for a marketing campaign, a mini-guide, canvas or a whitepaper, Chaomatic can design all these formats for you. Chaomatic is unique because of the blend between salespeople and in-house designers. So, you can be confident it will turn your prospects into buying customers.
Converting slide decks

Converting slide decks

The base of all sales conversations is a well-designed and attractive sales presentation (aka your sales deck). Chaomatic is a master in architecting the sales storyline so it converts. On top with our high-end design team we’ll make it look very attractive so it can represent your brand properly.

Build a converting sales pitch

This video will teach you how to turn your most boring subject matter into engaging and persuasive sales content. You’ll learn the proven tactics that all of the best sales design professionals use and help to reduce your sales cycle.

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Having attractive bait on your website (e-books, white papers, etc…) will make you collect emails of your potential prospects. Chaomatic has tons of experience in creating, architecting, writing and designing your e-books and whitepapers.


One of the cornerstones of meeting new customers is sending information about your company. One-or two-pagers are often used for this. Chaomatic designs the storyline and the visuals so that it will be sticky and leaves a footprint of your solution at your prospect’s desk. Your goal is not only to inform but to convert your prospects into buying customers.



A canvas is a powerful tool that can spread your thought leadership at scale. Chaomatic can architect and design your canvas for your existing (or future) business. If you’re planning to launch new services or enforce the existing ones Canvasses are great for spreading your ideas at scale.

Send us your sales collateral, we will tell you how to convert faster

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