The School of Sales

As you may know, I’m a sales strategist, obsessed with designing, building and scaling sales engines. As the host of the Sales Acceleration show, I get direct access to a refreshing, heterogeneous pool of people on all levels. This expertise has proven to be priceless in my day-to-day sales workshop sessions for companies of all sorts to help them boost sales.
I share this peer power knowledge on all channels.

And yet I still see so many people struggling with what should come naturally in sales.

So, I’m introducing the Peer Power Crash Course for sales. I’ll be collating essential tips and tricks from the workshops I coordinate, shows I host or conversations I engage in. Respecting NDAs, sharing knowledge, sparking conversations.

Watch this space for the PPCC blogs, videos, online lessons and some other initiatives we’re introducing after the summer.

I fear no feedback. I practice my preach: “Fear is a liar – swim across the lake of rejection.”

Time to catch up.

Michael Humblet