What is conversational sales content

B2B conversational content is a new type of content that focuses on one thing: building conversations. These conversations can be among your audience or can be targeted so that your audience wants to talk about it with you or your team members. This B2B conversational content closes the gap between sales and marketing. Where in the past we used to think only marketing should produce content, we now see a massive shift towards individuals producing their own content to generate leads and build credibility.

The 3 layers of B2B conversational content

1. Personal knowledge

This is your industry knowledge, the things you do every day. Although you might think this is standard, most people have no idea about this knowledge. At Chaomatic, we run many experiments and one of the base concepts that always comes back is that we overthink our content. 

Basic things like explaining terms, building a dictionary always have a lot of views. Although this may seem a bit light, we recommend you have this base layer of content on your website and socials. On top, you add more layered content 

2. Consistency

Consistency outbeats perfection every single time. It is not the perfect post that builds trust, actually on the contrary. It is the imperfection that makes people trust you even more. This is even more valid in a B2B business environment.

We noticed after posting +3000 pieces of video content that it takes between 6 to 8 weeks of consistent posting (1 post per week) for your true audience to start trusting you. Most people and companies give up after 4 to 5 weeks. You need to get through this barrier and cross the Trust Gap.

3. Content orchestration

Content Orchestration is essential in B2B. We have talked in this article about individuals producing content, but there is one important factor to take into account. Businesses need to orchestrate their content.

Meaning they need to coordinate what they are saying. Think of a pack of wolves hunting for one target (a vertical, a business).

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